Guardian Eye Provides HG Travel with Integrated Transportation Security

December 5, 2023

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  • Driver behaviour monitoring to ensure vehicles remain on route and that driving is safe and within regulations
  • Predictive and self-monitoring tools to track tyre condition, fuel consumption and theft, and overall vehicle maintenance
  • An AI-powered camera system integrated across 115 vehicles throughout a fleet comprising 160 vehicles of different sizes
  • Insurance claims and liability, the system enables the team to protect their fleet from other reckless drivers.


  • Comprehensive passenger safety and security within well-maintained and monitored vehicles, delivering customer peace of mind
  • Proactive driver behaviour management, reducing the risk of driver fatigue, reckless driving and poor performance
  • Two-way communication capabilities for real-time driver communication that includes a panic button that automatically starts a call to facilitate support and security.
  • Turnaround time in getting insurance claims processed and paid. Keeping the fleet at full capacity is key to the success of their customer contracts.

HG Travel provides transportation services for blue-chip global organisations with a fleet of more than 160 vehicles. The company required a high-end security and safety solution to monitor driving behaviour, ensure vehicles were maintained correctly, and mitigate fuel theft. It also had to meet stringent security and safety requirements outlined by some of its top-tier clients.

“We have a range of vehicles in our fleet from 65-seaters to 22-seaters and all the way down to smaller vehicles, and we wanted a better way of monitoring driver behaviour, minimising fuel theft and ensuring that our customers felt their transportation safety and security needs were being met,” says Kieran Davidson, Head of IT and Surveillance at HG Travel.

The transportation company’s clients include numerous blue-chip organisations which require that transport and driver behaviour are aligned with rigorous security and safety requirements. The firm needed a solution that would allow for proactive monitoring, maintenance and security throughout its fleet including the implementation of a two-way communication system with panic button capabilities. The latter was also a critical requirement in light of the work done with the City of Cape Town – HG Travel is the Sole transport provider for all City of Cape town Electrical and Waste water staff.

In a bid to resolve these challenges, HG Travel turned to Guardian Eye to provide the right tools and cameras for its requirements.

“We implemented the D4S Camera System with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities throughout their fleet in a phased approach,” says Rodney Taylor, MD at Guardian Eye. “We have tested and loaded approximately two-thirds of the fleet to date, prioritising vehicles and services that require immediate security availability. The AI system offers HG Travel a preventative and proactive management solution that allows for the company to better manage and control driver behaviours which is particularly important for clients that prioritise absolute road safety and rule adherence.”

The system spans cameras, AI capabilities, a mobile application, two-way radio communication and monitoring. It allows for the company to maintain visibility throughout the fleet while also providing reliable footage for insurance claims and management. The two-way radio system is designed to simplify driver and base communication while also allowing for drivers to initiate a panic response should they encounter any incident that’s cause for alarm. Every element included within each vehicle has been designed to make safety, security and visibility an absolute priority.

“Our customers have been very happy with the solution,” says Kieran. “Whenever there’s a complaint, we can provide them with video footage within half an hour for review. They appreciate the hands-on visibility and support. It has also allowed us to better manage driver fatigue and wellbeing. We have also enjoyed working with Guardian Eye as they provide us with the support we need to ensure the system runs smoothly.”

PULL QUOTE: “Technology is something that you have to use if you want to be an industry leader and ensure the absolute safety of passengers and customers. While this integration is still in its early stages, we are providing our customers with peace of mind and visibility into the service we provide.”  – Kieran Davidson, Head of IT and Surveillance at HG Travel



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