Guardian Eye Solutions

Optimising Safety With...

A range of solutions designed to survey, protect, and safeguard the items, people or places you value most.

Guardian Eye Intruder Alert

Remote surveillance combines with a remotely-controlled counteraction solution (in this case, a non-lethal paintball gun) to eliminate the need for guard patrol.

Guardian Eye Intelligent Guarding

Radically improve your on-site safety through a combination of Surveillance, a 24/7/365 Nerve Centre, Advanced Analytics, and AI-Enhancement.

Guardian Eye CCTV

Guardian Eye provides professionally designed video surveillance solutions for consumers or mid-sized to large enterprises. Wired or wireless, traditional, solar, or POE-powered solutions available.

Guardian Eye Access Control

Tailor made residential estate or business access control solutions utilizing RFID card or biometric (finger, face, palm or retina) technologies.

Guardian Eye Visitor Management

A cost-effective and user-friendly safety solution that allows you to manage and control visitor access to your property via smartphone app or online portal.

Guardian Eye Mobile Device Management

Guardian Eye’s all-in-one, cloud-based management platform that enables users to increase administrative effectiveness, reduce operational complexity, save time and money, reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction overall.

Wireless Cameras

The Guardian Eye range of consumer cameras is aimed at providing the consumer an additional layer of protection, and your assets can be viewed safely from a remote location via an App.

Wireless Alarms

The AX PRO System is the perfect example – it’s an incredible new design that combines the powerful and reliable security systems of the past with the simplicity of tomorrow’s best technology.

Optimising Logistics With...

Quality enhancements capable of optimising your assets, premises, and general organisational functions.

Guardian Eye Smart Asset Tracker​

An IoT (Internet of Things) universal GPS tracker that fits easily onto any movable asset, it can be used to track the location of any movable business asset - from trailers to mobile toilets, construction vehicles, shipping containers, recycling bins, golf carts or delivery bikes.

Sixth Sense Sensors

Guardian Eye Sixth Sense features a range of robust, battery-powered sensors designed to not only make our lives safer and easier, but more efficient too. With all data collected and stored on Guardian Eye’s Mobile Device Management Portal.

Guardian Eye Smart Energy

A solution designed to empower businesses and stakeholders by providing the analytics and insight needed to better understand where and how electricity is being consumed by combing real-time energy monitoring sensors with automation and up-to-date IoT protocols.

Guardian Eye Smart Key Locator

This should be an essential, if not critical, solution in every motor dealer or retail store's environment. Not only does it offer additional security to access keys for vehicles or stores and cabinets – via facial recognition, passwords or fingerprint authorisation - it also provides valuable information and a record of use of specific keys at any point in time.

Optimising Healthcare With...

The future of well-being – where health and vitality meet innovation and optimisation

Guardian Eye E-script Pharmacy Click & Collect​

An electronic pharmacy script portal that offers the added benefit of health tracking and emergency contact speed dialing. The app lets customers choose a pharmacy to scan a script for collection, delivery or to be sent to a secure POP box installed at various locations for easy retrieval.

Guardian Eye Health

Higo Pro is a comprehensive telehealth solution for AI (Artificial Intelligence) supported remote patient exam, medical data capture and diagnoses. The medical exam is performed by medical staff or a nurse, with data pushed to a doctor for final diagnosis.

Guardian Eye Family Health

Simple and intuitive medical exams that can be performed by a patient at any time, from anywhere. Higo captures all the necessary medical data needed to provide a remote medical diagnosis and makes it available in the Doctor’s Portal.