IoT AVA Health Care User

R59,90 incl VAT

1x Higo Pro Device with 5 attachable modules
1x Tablet
1x Headset
1x AVA Health Champion
5x AVA A2 Posters with Snap frames
1x AVA Banner
1x Box of gloves (100s)
1x Box of Tongue blades (100’s)
1x Box of alcohol swaps (100s)
1x Bucket of Sanitizer Wipes
2x Bottles of Sanitizer (500ml)

IoT AVA Health Care User

AVA includes the remote monitoring of patients performed by a trained AVA Champion Operator by gathering and saving all historical medical data and images, and other forms of communication, allowing healthcare providers to deliver care outside of traditional in-person visits. Data sent to a doctor for final diagnosis. R59.90 per month per registered user. Subject to a 12-month contract and minimum of 200 users. Additional cost will be applicable, determined by the customized package you choose for on-site AVA Champion and AVA Kit services. A specialist will contact you to finalize your quote.

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