Smart Asset Tracking

Analytics driven asset tracker solutions

A universal GPS tracker that fits easily onto any moveable asset

Monitor The Movement Of Important Assets

GPS Monitoring

Remote GPS monitoring of any movable assets

Long Battery Life

Long battery life with user replaceable batteries

Low-profile casing

Rugged, robust and low-profile casing


Customizable geo-fencing capabilities

Motion Alerts

The device has configurable motion alerts

Keep track of your most valuable assets

Gone are the days when you have to wonder where your most valuable assets are. Guardian Eye Smart Asset Tracking can be used to monitor the location of any movable business asset – from trailers to mobile toilets, construction vehicles, shipping containers, recycling bins, golf carts or delivery bikes.

It can also act as a back-up device for company vehicles with tracking units already installed. If it moves, you can track it. The device can be easily and securely attached to any asset, and the same device can be re-used on other assets if needed.

The batteries can last up to two years plus (depending on settings chosen) and are user replaceable. The device connects automatically to an IoT-specific network and the information from your asset is accessible from anywhere via the Guardian Eye IoT platform.

Device transmission settings, various alerts and reports can also be set-up and remotely adjusted via the Guardian Eye IoT platform to suit your requirements – this includes setting up geo-fences (virtual boundaries). As it’s highly resistant to dust and water, the asset tracker can be used indoors as well as outdoors, in any type of environment.

Features of Smart Asset Tracking

Attaches to any asset

The device can be attached to any type of movable asset

Remotely customisable settings

Access your information and change your settings from wherever you happen to be via the Guardian Eye IoT platform.

Connects automatically

No additional Internet or Wi-Fi required - which means it won’t deplete your data.

Choose your solution, scalable to your needs.

Each device is uniquely powered to maximise its functionality. From requiring no replacement to once every two years, we tailor our solutions and their requirements according to their (and your) unique needs.

Rugged, robust low-profilie casing

The devices range from IP67 - IP68, which makes it ideal for tracking assets in harsh environments.

Easy to install

No special tools or technical skills are required.

How the Smart Asset Tracking Devices works


The server can use device location to create geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves designated locations

Stationary devices enter sleep mode until movement occurs to conserve battery life and optimize data usage

Configure parameters to send updates based on set time intervals or when movement occurs*. Adaptive tracking technology detects when the device is on the move and increases the update rate, providing detail when you need it while conserving battery when stationary

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