Access Control

Seamlessly control the flow of traffic to and from a certain point

Tailor-made residential estate or business access control solutions utilizing RFID card or biometric (finger, face, palm or retina) technologies.

Restrict access to Unauthorised Visitors

Use biometrics to accurately identify employees, keep this information stored safely in the cloud

Restrict Certain Areas

Restricted access to certain areas

Keep Records

Accurate employee time and attendance records

Auditable Data

Full auditable data for incident reporting

Schedule Access

Pre-arranged access for meeting or visiting purposes

An electronic system that facilitates automated approval for authorised personnel

Guardian Eye Access Control is an electronic system that facilitates automated approval for authorised personnel to enter through a security portal without the need for an in-person security guard to review and validate that entrance. Typically by using a credential to present to the system to verify their authorisation. Security portals include standard doors, vestibules, revolving doors, and vehicle entry barriers.

All these processes are managed by Guardian Eye’s secure, specialised Access Control backend software, as well as developed backend software.

An access control system will take note of every person who walks in and out of your door throughout the day. If in an unfortunate circumstance a criminal or intruder were to trespass on your premises, this log will prove invaluable in resolving the case.

Why Use Access Control For Your Premises

Immediate identification, authentication and authorisation

accurately identify a person or vehicle that needs access to any premises, biometrics can be used to identify employees

Manage Access with ease

Restrict access to certain areas at various times throughout the day

Full auditable data for incident reporting

Keep information safely stored in the cloud for accurate record keeping of entrances and exits

Physical access control

Achieved through hardware solutions on premises

Access Control Processes


  • Hardware
  • Intercoms
  • Keypads or Biometric Readers
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Overview Cameras
  • Security Guard Metal Detector wands
  • Backup Power


  • Software and Hardware
  • Training on relative systems
  • Project Management


  • Maintenance Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • Service level Agreements
  • Outright and managed service options support


Use of biometric in identifying employees

Manage bulk communications like general notices, security bulletins, estate notices, levy invoices/statements, polls or questionnaires. Enhance impact with Guardian Eye email and SMS digital marketing tools. Time and attendance management of employees. Full auditable data for incident reporting

You can Pre-arranged access for meeting or visiting purposes

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