AVA disrupts primary healthcare with the latest asynchronous IoT medical device and telemedicine platform

AVA includes the remote monitoring of patients by gathering and saving all historical medical data and images, and other forms of communication, allowing healthcare providers to deliver care outside of traditional in-person visits.

Choose between our flexible Subscription Solutions to access convenient healthcare that significantly reduces patient wait times and travel needs.

Our user-friendly device is easy to clean and maintain, providing continuous medical care with doctor availability within just 30 minutes, 24/7.

Elevate your company’s productivity by decreasing employee sick leave through our on-site telemedicine base that offers a wide range of diagnoses. Benefit from high-quality diagnosis capabilities, as our device conducts comprehensive medical exams and securely stores top-notch medical data outside of a traditional doctor’s office. 

24/7 Access to
doctors in 30 minutes

AVA can improve access to care, reduce costs and increase efficiency in healthcare delivery for everyone involved.

Medical exams are performed by a nurse or a trained AVA Champion Operator, with data sent to a doctor for final diagnosis

AVA can improve access to care, reduce costs and increase efficiency in healthcare delivery for everyone involved. Save time and money by decreasing patient waiting times and travel requirements with a device that’s easy to use, clean and maintain. High-quality diagnosis. The device records comprehensive medical exams, delivering and storing high-quality medical data outside of a doctor’s office.

Guardian Eye Health can provide much-needed medical support in rural areas. With Higo Pro diagnosis of patients initial condition can be made easier and quicker without the patient leaving the comfort of his/her house and without the doctor leaving the hospital.

The Higo Pro is a connected e-health care product, where a user-friendly Device, with different measuring attachments, can be used to collect vital data from a patient. These vitals are sent to an online doctor to make an initial diagnosis. Such a diagnosis can be made within 4 minutes by the doctor compared to a similar scenario that could have taken the entire day.

The Higo Pro can be used in rural clinics, schools, old age homes, areas where it becomes difficult to transport patients, patients in isolation, and more.

One Higo Pro Device

Comprehensive examinations

Benefits of Guardian Eye Health

Reduce Diagnosis time

Supported by AI algorithms

Provide quicker healthcare

Effective Professionals

Keep data history of patients

Easy follow instructions

How the Higo Pro device works

The Higo® device is a class IIa medical device with a CE Certificate of conformity to the requirements of Annex II of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. HigoSense Sp. z o. o. is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 in the field of quality management systems, which continuously improves the quality of medical device services.


For AI supported remote patient exam, medical data capture and remote diagnoses.

Temperature, Breath (caught auto registration), Lungs (Auscultation), Heart Rate (Estimation), Heart (Auscultation), Abdomen (Auscultation), Ear (Image exam), Throat (Image exam) and Skin (Image exam)

Designed for use by medical staff. Management of patient data collection. Patient communication and support

You will receive five exchange modules per device.

The providers cover large population of patient’s number of visits with fever doctors (most expensive personnel in short supply)

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