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Identity as a service.

Is a combination of Smart key locator, access control, and visitor management.

Smart Key Locator is an essential, if not critical, technology in every motor dealer or retail store’s environment. Provides additional security to access the keys for vehicles or stores and cabinets, but it also provides valuable information and a record of the use of specific keys at any time.

Automated approval Access Control allows authorized personnel to enter through a security portal without needing an in-person security guard to review and validate that entrance.

Our cutting-edge key security system offers unparalleled access control

Our system allows only authorized staff to access between 26 and 200 keys per cabinet, making it ideal for dealerships of any size. We enhance operational efficiency by replacing traditional visitor logbooks with automatic cloud-based record-keeping, offering a comprehensive historical record of key usage and personnel management.

Our system provides invaluable reporting analytics, such as visitor counts, average durations, and contractor activities, helping you identify suspicious behavior and ensure health and safety protocols. With immediate identification features like biometrics, our platform enables quick authentication and authorization of personnel and vehicles. Manage access restrictions effortlessly, and maintain top-notch physical security through our on-site hardware solutions.