Smart Key Locator

Manage access to your keys

With facial recognition, finger print access, password or remote authorisation

Stay in control of Key access

Monitor, identify and implement automated programmes to deliver continuous energy consumption

Secure, web-managed application

Real-time statistics and Tracking of keys

Scalable and customisable solution

additional security access to keys available

Provides record keeping and reports for audit purposes

streamlines security processes

An essential item for every motor dealer or retail store

The Smart Key Locator should be an essential, if not critical, technology in every motor dealer or retail store’s environment. Not only does it provide additional security to access the keys for vehicles or stores and cabinets, but it also provides valuable information and a record of the use of specific keys at any point in time. Gone are the days where “someone” drove a demo model above the speed limit, received a fine and nobody knows who was responsible.

Only staff within the dealership or retail store will be able to collect and return keys from the Smart Key Locator – using fingerprint recognition or unique pin activation.

The Smart Key Locator can be ordered for 26 – 200 keys per cabinet, and multiple cabinets can be integrated to expand its capabilities. Various reports can be downloaded to assist management to improve stock (keys and vehicles) control.

Machine learning is also possible over a period of time to provide certain trends and accurate record-keeping to better manage your key assets

Features of the Smart Key Locator

Key security

Keys can only be accessed by authorised staff.

26 - 200 keys per cabinet

Can be used for any size dealership.

Comprehensive record keeping

Create a full historical record of your key usage as well as those responsible for managing them.

How the Smart Key Locator works

Dealership departments who will be using the platform: 

  • New Vehicles
  • Demo Vehicles


  • Dealer admin onboards users using the key locator platform
  • The system creates a unique user ID, pin and/or biometric for user

Feature A: Book Key In

  • The user selects “book in” action on the terminal
  • User authorises with Pin Pad or Fingerprint ID
  • The Key is tagged with an RFID tag and a unique number
  • The box opens and the user places the key in a numbered sensor-monitored slot inside the box
  • System stores transactions for reference as well as key position and status

Feature B: Book Key Out

  • User selects “book out” action on terminal
  • User authorises with PIN/Card/Face ID
  • User enters/selects required key
  • Cabinet opens and retrieves key
  • System stores transaction for reference as well as key possesion and status
  • User is now responsible for the key and any cost/damages/fines from here on forward can be logged against the user

Feature C: Event History

  • The database keeps time stamped track records of users booking keys in/out
  • Historical information/trace can be looked up at any time to find which users had the key (at specific point in time)

Feature D: Track fine based on the date & time of the incident

  • Historical information of which user had the key at which date and time can be retrieved from the web interface search feature


Ranging from 26 keys to 200 keys.

Once site can use multiple cabinets as the platform will allocate unique ID to each cabinet at installation which can be used to unique identity of a cabinet at a specific site.

User Management, Dealer Management, Key History: Tracking / Status / Updates. Event / Transaction Log and Export / Report

Download The Smart Key Locator Product Sheet

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