Guardian Eye CCTV Solutions

Real-time surveillance and crime prevention

A Comprehensive CCTV Solution to Manage Risk Factors at any Property

Deter Criminal  Activities

Manage Risk Factors

Turnkey solutions to manage property risk factors

Address Risk Factors

Purpose-built systems and software to address risk factors

Reliable Record-Keeping

Reliable record-keeping for evidence purposes

Get a Complete View

Providing your premises a complete view from a centralised location

Not just for capturing video footage

Guardian Eye focuses on risk assessment and management with the use of sensors, cameras, and intelligent software. The design, build and implementation is focused on the risks identified. Solution building can be from the ground up or an expansion of your current systems, with every solution purpose-built to your exact requirements.

Traditional CCTV systems are analogue or IP-based solutions, going from an edge device to a recording device. Guardian Eye has moved away from post-event incidents to start using traditional solutions to our advantage.

We design and build every CCTV solution out of our control room to ensure every aspect has been taken into consideration.

Not Guardian Eye CCTV isn’t just for capturing video footage and evidence recordings but to enhance all aspects of your day-to-day operations too.

We have a variety of cameras available: IR/Colour Cameras, Thermal Cameras (Dome, Bullets and PTZ’s) and Radar Cameras

Areas where CCTV can be used

Crime Prevention

Handling Disputes

Enhance customer experience

Full proof protection / coverage

Real-time Surveilance

Reduces employee related incidences

Reduce security costs

Process and action alerts efficiently

Enhanced employee productivity

Criminal evidence

Quality monitoring of High-Risk areas

Escalations of alerts to Armed Response

How the Remote Monitoring  service works

Features And Benifits Of Guardian Eye CCTV

Better Guarding

CCTV eliminates guarding-related problems, such as intimidating of personnel, collusion by guards and ineffective patrolling.

Smarter Guarding

Because it’s done virtually, you can check in as often as you like, which means criminals are unable to study and determine your patrol times.

Guaranteed Service Delivery

With regular checks on cameras and reports on irregular activities like open gates and technical systems faults, we ensure you get the safety solution you paid for.


Crime prevention, Real-time surveillance, Enhanced employee productivity

IR/Colour Cameras, Thermal Cameras (Dome, Bullets and PTZ’s) and Radar Cameras

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