Safety as a service is a combination of advance analytics, access control, and visitor management.

Guardian Safety as a service is a pioneering way in which CCTV installation monitors and controls business premises via a remote-control room environment with Advanced Analytics and a 24/7/365 day never-operated center.

Accurately control Visitor Management and visitor data.

We have automated approval Access Control for authorized personnel to enter through a security portal without needing an in-person security guard to review and validate that entrance.

Valuable analytics

Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge system designed to increase efficiency

Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge system designed to increase efficiency by replacing outdated visitor logbooks with automatic cloud-based storage of visitor data. Enhance site security and health measures through valuable analytics, including visitor count and contractor activity, which empower you to spot suspicious behavior and implement necessary precautions.

Our platform also offers immediate identification features, such as biometric verification, for quick and accurate authentication and authorization of personnel and vehicles.


Immediate incident
reporting and system
health monitoring.

Take control with a complete hardware and software system for managing and recording every visitor

Guardian Eye focuses on risk assessment and management with the use of sensors, cameras and intelligent software. The design, build and implementation is focused on the risks identified. Solution building can be from the ground up or an expansion of your current systems, with every solution purpose-built to your exact requirements.

Guardian Eye CCTV isn’t just for capturing video footage and evidence recordings, but to enhance all aspects of your day-to-day operations too.